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welcome to the blog!

We're Abbey and Elliot from the snowy cheese capitol of the United States – Wisconsin. We met in 2021 and quickly discovered a shared sense of adventure and serious travel bug. After getting our bachelor's degrees, Abbey in English and Elliot in Plant Genetics, we decided it was time to act on it. So, in 2022, we started our travels – both together and solo. Since then, we've already hit many of the places on our bucket lists including the Galapagos Islands, Italy, and Rio de Janeiro. With just our small backpacks, we've managed to make it through much of Central America, South America, and Europe –and we're still going! We've learned more in these years of travel than we ever could have staying in one place, including what it means to travel slow, the benefits of traveling alone vs. together, and how to make this lifestyle work on a budget.


We're excited to share our journey with you.

Glad you're here!

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